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yesterday (28hrs ago) [5/10/2009 6:09AM] by Lee Cole
CRM Ticket #1757823


It all depends upon ability of the skater.

Using speed skate racing boots like Luigino makes will only generate more speed if the skater is well trained, in top condition, and hold a crouch for an extended period of time. Once you stand up on a speed skate boot, your feet will be in unbearable pain, your back will hurt from the vibrations, and skaters in recreation boots will pass you like you were standing still.

If, on the other hand, you are well trained and conditioned for speed skating, the real racing boot will be far superior to a recreational boot on the identical frame/wheel setup. This is because the racing boot was designed to transmit pure power with out cushioning.

The cushioning and support that makes the recreational boot comfortable, also contributes to a loss of power. Power is lost in the transmission of force applied to the blade. The Luigino and all true racing boots, offer no such cushion of comfort (in the form of soft padding)

Therefore you will take off approximately 24 ounces to 32 ounces in weight with the true racing boot. But more important, the force you transmit, will go directly to the frame and wheels without loss of energy.


2 days ago (47hrs ago) [5/9/2009 11:16AM] by Customer
Sorry if I didn't clarify, assuming one skater was on something like a K2 rec boot and the other on Luigino Attitudes both with 100's.  Thanks again
2 days ago (47hrs ago) [5/9/2009 11:13AM] by Customer
I won't hold you to this but, given a relative amount of energy expended and 100mm wheels on both pairs, how much faster would a skater on speed skates go?  Just roughly?

today (0hrs, 0min ago) [4/3/2008 7:38AM] by Skates Dotcom  


You have forgotten the bearing spacers. Between the bearings , there are spacers. Please remove the bearing spacers from your original wheels and bearings. Then place them in your new wheels and bearings.

The spacers create internal pressure that enables you to tighten your axle bolts and allows your wheels to spin freely.

If you have the old 6mm axles the bearing spacers also act as a sleeve, so they go through the bearings as well.
If you have the new 8mm axles then the bearing spacer floats between the bearings.



yesterday (13hrs ago) [4/2/2008 6:01PM] by Customer  
i have a pair of K2 skates that i changed the wheels and bearings on that i bought from here on the advice of someone from phone support. the old wheels were on there very tight and they spun very freely. the new ones if i tighten the screw holding the wheels on they don't turn. i have to leave it very loose for them to spin freely and i don't think that's normal. any advice or ideas? I just got the wheels and bearings in the mail today.
the bearings were called bones red
the wheels are hyperwheels superlite 80mm 82a
the original whees were 80mm 78a


today (0hrs, 0min ago) [4/3/2008 7:31AM] by Skates Dotcom  

9-12 is junior sizing. the numbers are less than size 1.
Adult sizing is fixed. You must be looking in the children's section.

Many children's skates are made up to size 3 or 4 only. Adjustable skates, with the exception of the Skorpion are made only for children.




yesterday (17hrs ago) [4/2/2008 2:18PM] by Customer  
i was wondering, for inline skate, how does the sizing work?
does 9-12 mean it fit for all men with shoe size 9 through 12?


today (0hrs, 0min ago) [4/3/2008 7:11AM] by Skates Dotcom


Your best bet is the heel brake. You can also use the heel brake on the front truck. That would serve as the most powerful front brake.

My suggestion is to also purchase 2 extra trucks. Purchase the Sure-Grip nylon trucks. Then you can switch from brakeless to brake at your convenience.



2 days ago (32hrs ago) [4/1/2008 10:46PM] by Customer  
Hello I purchased a pair of quadline speed skates in 06 my order number was Order#: 35773. Is there a way to put a brake on them? I would like a front brake, but I also saw that you sell a rear brake would that fit on my skates.

Here are your options.
1. Switch to Quadlines. If you have Sure-Grip plates this will work since Quadline Trucks are compatible with all Sure Grip Plates.
Please see: http://www.skates.com/SearchResults.asp?Cat=121569

2. Purchase this truck.
Please see: http://www.skates.com/Ramp-Trucks-Wider-Roller-Skate-Trucks-p/rssgdat-r.htm

Then go to www.skatesonhaight.com - our skateboard site and see: http://www.skatesonhaight.com/Abec-11-wheels-s/319.htm

Since skateboard wheels are center set you require the wider truck so the inside of the wheel will not rub against the hanger of the truck.
ABEC 11 wheels are made by AEND in Huntington Beach - they are the last and best domestic wheel maker. All other wheels are made off shore.


today (0hrs, 41min ago) [3/9/2008 6:29PM] by Customer  
I'm looking for some advice on quad wheels…….

Most of my outdoor skating is unfortunately done on very rough surfaces – primarily blacktop-paved paths through parks. Besides being very rough, these paths frequently have lots of debris, like small twigs and stones. This makes for very interesting skating!!

So what I need is something that's very durable for the rough surface (and just a few T-stops shows wear on the inside wheels of the back foot), yet something that will have some shock absorbency for the debris.

Is there such a wheel????

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Jon Paul.

today (0hrs, 0min ago) [3/10/2008 1:23PM] by Lee Cole  

Are you a recreational skater?

If so what do your current wheels say on the side?

What is the maximum diameter your frame accepts?

Wheels are measured in diameter in millimeters. 76mm to 84mm is standard, though many companies now make skates that accept up to 110mm(for racing mostly)
Wheels are measured by durometer (hardness)
The most common hardness for outdoors is 82A, the best combination for shock absorption and durability.


today (0hrs, 58min ago) [3/10/2008 12:25PM] by Customer  
Hi. Could you explain to me the specifics on how to pick wheels for my inline skates? I blade at the local park ( asphalt) 4-5 times a week. What do all the numbers mean? What are the best ones to pick? Thanks.

today (0hrs, 0min ago) [3/7/2008 6:52AM] by Lee Cole  
At this time we carry the Twister Pro II

The Twister Pro III will be available in 2009.

Rollerblade is testing now for next year so certain Pros might be skating on this model - but it is not available to the general public.


yesterday (9hrs, 1min ago) [3/6/2008 9:51PM] by Customer
I see that you guys have got in some of the 2008 rollerblade line. When do you guys plan on receiving the twister pro III.

today (0hrs, 0min ago) [3/7/2008 6:21AM] by Lee Cole  
The easiest way determine size is go to a shoe store and try on a pair of athletic shoes. In the tongue and on the box you will find the cross referenced sizes, EU, UK, USA, Mondo Point. This is now standard.

We also have a complete international sizing chart section here: http://www.skates.com/Fitting-roller-inline-skates-and-size-charts-s/12.htm

All sizes displayed on www.skates.com are American.

If NZ sizing is the same as UK sizing, then you have a refererence point.


kind regards,

today (5hrs, 6min ago) [3/7/2008 1:15AM] by Customer
Hi, I am just enquiring from New Zealand. I would like to get some rollerskates for myself and my children but I think your shoe sizing is different to ours. Are you able to give me some measurements of the actual boot size. I am a size 7, my children are size 2 and 3.
Thank you

today (0hrs, 0min ago) [3/5/2008 11:30PM] by Lee Cole  
We suggest you tighten the axle nuts to create more bearing friction.

Also, a 65mm Sure Grip Motion wheel will provide much more shock absorption and grip.

The combination of a better wheel and tightening the axle nuts to create bearing drag will enable you to develop the required skating skills.

Once that is accomplished you may loosen the nuts and spin away.

Also, get a protective wear set (pads and wrist guards). This will give you greater confidence because you will feel safe falling. When in trouble always go down. Do not try to escape the pavement. Having your joints properly protected will enable you to control your falling. You will then progress at a much faster rate.

www.skates.com has it all!

Kind regards,

today (8hrs, 10min ago) [3/5/2008 3:20PM] by Customer  
I am 56 years young and I skated indoors when I was young. I have never skated outdoors until recently when I bought a pair of Labeda Accu-series quad skates. Whoa! They are way too fast for me. I do fine in the garage but when I get out on the pavement in the park and there is a tilt to the ground, I lose control. They are way too fast for me. Any suggestions of what wheels I can purchase to give me a feeling of control?

today (0hrs, 0min ago) [3/1/2008 9:14AM] by Lee Cole  
The 172 comes in a Black Leather Upper
(White & colors take 3-6 weeks production time)

We can certainly do this - but once ordered the sale would be final because white is not considered a stock color for this boot.

Please see: http://www.skates.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=172&Search.x=0&Search.y=0


yesterday (16hrs ago) [2/29/2008 5:08PM] by Customer  
On the site I see the mens old school rythym skate boots but I do not see womens rythym skates. Do you have womens white rythym skates? I had my own skates at one time and would like to start skating again if I can find skates like I once had.

today (0hrs, 0min ago) [2/26/2008 2:47PM] by Lee Cole  
We attempted to do some research online - but to no avail. 1992 is 16 years ago and 2 two ownership changes for Rollerblade Corp.

This very well may - but it is not guaranteed.
Since we sold this skate in 1992 the housing 09481015080 looks very familiar.
And if it does not work you have only lost the shipping charges.

Regardless 09481015080 is the closest thing to what you need and I hope it works for you.

Kind regards,

today (2hrs, 13min ago) [2/26/2008 12:34PM] by Customer  
Hello, I own a set of Rollerblade Lightning TRS purchased around 1992. I need the brake housing for these skates and was wondering if Product Code #09481015080, Brake Housing is compatible with this

today (0hrs, 0min ago) [2/9/2008 8:35AM] by Lee Cole  
We must be sold out - it's then time to remove this item for our site.

If the dropdown menu will Not let you select a size, it means it is out of stock or possibly discontinued forever. Sometimes Google will save an old page or old ghost products in their index of seach results.
If we are not sold - we will do an inventory recount.

Please look at our site again on Monday.


today (1hr, 7min ago) [2/9/2008 7:28AM] by Customer  
I noticed on your site that the vintage skates do not all list sizes and when you click on the vintage white boot skate....you are not able to select a size. Can you tell me what sizes are available?

Riedell 216 W roller skates womens

today (0hrs, 0min ago) [1/11/2008 12:44AM] by Lee Cole  

You will have to pay shipping to us and return shipping because the number on the plate is in reality a 6. (not a size 9)
The etching on the plate is matched/coordinated to the size of the boot. Therefore no mistake has been made on our part or that of Riedell's.

Size 8 boots require a size 6 plate
Size 9 and 10 boots require a size 7 plate
Size 11 boots require a size 8 plate
Size 12 boots require a size 9 plate

Please send back this pair for a refund to:

Returns/RMA 4521
Skates Dot Com
540 De Haro Street
San Francisco CA 94107

Please order another pair in the meantime. When the original pair is received we will refund your card.


yesterday (12hrs, 46min ago) [1/10/2008 11:58AM] by Customer  
I ordered a pair of 8 Riedell 795 Thrust skates.My skates are pretty big.I was then told to look at the sizes to make sure they are right.Someone must have accidentally missed la bled them.There's a small sticker inside that says so,it say a size 8.When on the bottom of the skate etched into it ,it says a size 9.I don't have to pay for to be shipped both ways do I,seeing how it was your guys fault?And how does the exchange process really work.I don't want to be charged twice for these skates?

Please get back to me.
Thank you

today (0hrs, 0min ago) [11/26/2007 9:05AM] by Lee Cole  
All of the Riedell speed boots (195, 695, 595, 395, 911, 811, 125, 122, 265) are stocked in medium (D) width only. It is possible to get a special make up on these models for an E or EE width. It would be best to get a width measurement before proceeding with a special make up since they are not returnable.

3 days ago (75hrs ago) [11/26/2007 9:05AM] by Customer

My name is David, iam looking at the Riedell 695 Black Widow Quad Speed Roller Skates mens and Riedell 595 S Reactor Quad Speed Roller Skates mens and Riedell 195 S Quad Speed Roller Skates mens
Do you have the boot in a wide side E ? I need a size 7.5 E wide. Also could you tell me if you have any wide size>
Thanks David

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